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The company was started to provide a helping hand to the Audiology Practitioners including operational training & after sales support. Labat also ensures that audiology equipment gives correct information to audiology practitioner.

Labat Asia is led by a team of professionals having extensive experience in healthcare & Medical equipments industry. Labat Asia is managed by a team with over 20 years experience in Healthcare with domain knowledge in the areas of Audiology, Neurology, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Imaging, Critical Care & Hospital Projects.

Labat is the only multinational global brand in the segment of Audiology Equipment Manufacturing to have its direct presence in India. Today, Labat has worldwide representations with successful partnerships in 30 countries, inclusive of 10 countries in the Asia Pacific Region.

Labat is also in the process of collaborating with international universities for further R&D activities and clinical studies support.

Today, the company is worldwide symbol of quality, innovation & integrity. Labat is recognized world over as a name to reckon with in the context of Audiology Equipment Manufacturing.


Labat is a joint venture between Labat Aisa and Labat Italy, founded by Mr. Tarlochan Dev in the year 2009 with Headquater at Chandigarh. The company was founded to provide solutions in Audiology practice in the segment of Audiology Equipment manufacturing.

Our Vision

Being the pioneer in providing PC based solutions in Audiology Practice with wide & intensive cross functional experience in national and international operational team; Labat is continuously striving to focus its attention in Creativity & Innovation. Today Labat is sufficiently equipped to provide top class service & support to its customers. And the future years eagerly awaits to experience the results of yesteryears hard work & determination.

Client's Testimonials

Labat has its specialization in the PC Based instrumentation. Taking advantage of Information Technology, we created a unique software; LAP (Labat Audiological Platform). This integrated software has common database for all the Audiological tests under a single patient id. It allows the user to manage various families of tests (Audiogram, AEP, OAE & Tympanogram etc)stored under one ‘id’ of the audiology patient, by just one click of the mouse. In an effort to provide complete Audiology/ENT solutions Labat is also developing a lot of associations with other companies. It has so far created Joint Ventures for domestic & international markets with leading companies in the field of ENT for:
Gurbinder Kaur
Ceo, Amaraja International

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